In order to address critical challenges, top management will often – or more importantly regularly – needs to obtain an objective and independent view on existing in-house talent and/or potential and to assess and create buy-in within the company.

To this end many companies will rely on various Assessment tools to measure the job-related qualities that make a person productive. Proper and timely use of such Assessment tools can provide an ideal starting point for development projects by bringing to light possible individual weaknesses and providing key information on organizational issues.

PeoplePartners provides clients with support services that enable the effective and efficient utilization Assessment tools and methods.

We help the client organization;

  • Select appropriate Assessment tool that will address client needs
  • Plan and prepare Development Centre activities including case studies and other related content
  • Conduct Assessments and provide feedback to participants, co- workers and managers as needed.
  • Provide reports and recommendations to individuals and their managers as well as top level leaders, identifying critical factors affecting individualand organizational performance as well as plans for development

We help the employee;

  • Clearly articulate his/her professional abilities and his/her potential value to current or prospective employers.
  • Provide coaching and assessment to clarify the skills, values and interests the candidate brought to his/her professional achievements.
  • Define position(s) around the candidates professional abilities in an appropriate organization
  • Design a cohesive career management plan with achievable goals, and provide coaching.