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The Nature Of The Service

In today’s job market most recruitment companies will long boast of their ability in finding “just the right candidate” for the client and attempt to support their proposition by promoting the broad range and number of candidates they are able to reach.

The practice of growing a large database has become widespread in the recruitment market, and has also commoditized the candidate(s).

This ability to access a large database of potential candidates does seem noteworthy, however in practice it generally undermines the search. Companies will bombard clients with lists – be they long or short - of candidates, attempting to narrow down to the ideal candidate. Ultimately what ends up happening is that the clients’ expectations are managed or re-shaped to match available candidate options.

As a result the search for “right fit” candidates commonly overlooks the true expectations of the client and fails to thoroughly understand the true potential and career aspirations of the candidate.

The case holds true for Searches at the Executive level as well as the mid to lower levels. This is the result of losing touch with their partners “both candidate and clients”

PeoplePartners service approach believes that true added value can only be achieved through a thorough understanding and careful consideration of the needs of the client and candidate alike.

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Quality of Fit

Our service approach focuses on being much more than just a source of data, but rather a resource to our clients that provides a thorough understanding of the candidates’ attributes and the “quality of fit” to the organization.

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